uMap - the best alternative to Google Maps?

uMap - the best alternative to Google Maps?

How many times have you seen a map on the page that says "For development purposes only"? Maybe it happened on your website? Try uMap, you can really do a lot with uMap.

uMap lets you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site.

Show the map on the company website

If you're building a website for a local business, a map is essential. In most cases, web designers need to pinpoint the client's business location on the map. What more can you expect from a map service in this case? You only need the frame code to be embedded in the customer's company location page.

Sometimes you may need more than a simple map.

You can do much more with uMap

You must know that the tool works in a web browser. This free map design tool will help you show a lot more on the map. You can indicate points on the map, mark an area or paths. Each of these elements can be additionally edited. Line thickness, color of areas and points. You can put points on a separate layer and lines on another and add a description.

You can import an external data file to the map to make your work easier.

Embedding a map on a website

You can place the ready map on the page using an HTML frame or export it to a geojson, gpx, kml file for use in another navigation tool or device.

The maps you have created will remain available in uMap in your account and you can return to them at any time.

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Key Features of the Map

Use is free of charge for everyone. Note that the website does not offer any commercial support. However, please note that it is not guaranteed to work permanently and may be temporarily unavailable. But will there always be Google maps?

  • embed and share your map
  • uses the WTFPL license
  • easy to use
  • no basemap for satellite imagery
  • advanced attributes, line styles
  • managing map options: display minimap, display controls
  • iframe map export and to kml, gpx files